To pray for others, making their problems and anguish our own; to embrace those who are suffering, becoming their greatest ally; to continue giving them our support and encouragement until they become truly happy — it is in such humanistic actions that determine our spiritual evolution .

D Ikeda

So today this child Aadil Farooque Siddiqui blew me away .. he spent all of the last night from 2 am till now helping a fellow NRI’s stranded parents in south delhi . 12 hrs later he is still dedicatedly standing in his PPE kit . Supporting and tirelessly working for NRI support india .

I bow down to this unspoken superhero. A youthful man full of vigor and compassion .

He sacrificed his sehri didn’t eat anything anyways . Got so much in terms of blessings from this elderly couple who have served the country and now due to the pandemic and reasons beyond any human perception were alone is a thriving city.

Such heros need to be applauded , awarded and honored. In my 48 year on this planet only twice have I come across such a passion to serve “selflessly”.

30 years ago my mom and me were in an accident in pathankot . The car fell down a 35 ft ravine. We were two women with major injuries . I was 16 , bare foot … shaken and traumatized holding my moms cut open head in a towel . I was helped by a family to reach a local Hospital and then a Good Samaritan came and I remember stood by me and told me he will stay till Some help Comes In that govt hospital . He even left a wand of currency notes with me which I am still karmically always paying forward.

That one act of kindness was to determine the path my life would take . One of no judgement and quietly doing good deeds . And passing it on.

Aadil today you reminded me of that day . How helplessness can lead u to trust strangers . Often strangers even whilst doing the good deed get big headed and leave half way . But u my child have gone above and beyond . I am So proud to know you beta . I can’t give you a medal for today but you have gained beautiful throne in heart always . Please share and spread this great story guys I lived through last night with my action man Aadil .

Thanks to Dr Sanya Sharma for having that eye to find such selfless souls . Aadil Your mission in life is so profound . I send u off with blessings that which ever sphere u touch turns into gold and good fortune . As a community today we must applaud and recognize the efforts that are going on the ground level when this pandemic is rendering the mightiest of the mighty helpless and vulnerable. Also a big big thank you to Every Infant Matters .

The team led by Dr Radhika sorry can’t tag you Here and Saurabh Choudhary my beacon and my star in the last one weekOf fighting this battle of being a covid front line warrior . Despite your own personalLosses u guys just trod along ! Well kudos


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